LAHORE - Unidentified robbers killed two men including a watchman inside a factory, hanged their bodies with the ceiling fan, and fled after collecting cash.

The double-murder took place in a cooking-oil producing unit located near Baradari in Shahdara police precincts.

Sources suspect the motives behind the gruesome killings appeared to be a robbery. Factory owner told the police that Rs300,000 were also missing from the room where the watchman and a vendor were found murdered. The bodies were moved to morgue for autopsy.

Some labuorers discovered the bodies as they reached the factory for work early yesterday. The immediately alerted the police by phone. Both the bodies were hanging from the ceiling fan as investigators reached the crime scene.

Police identified the victims as Muhammad Younis and Ali Muhammad. Both the men used to sleep inside the factory after finishing their work. Investigators said there were severe torture marks on the body parts of the victims, which indicates that they had offered resistance during the robbery attempt. Police believe more than two suspects were involved in the killings.

The police registered a double-murder case against unidentified killers on the complaint of the factor owner. No arrest was made till late yesterday night. Further investigations were underway.