War of words

In the exchange of hot words between Ch Nisar Ali Khan and Aitzaz Ahsan, nothing new was revealed other than two facts. First that former Punjab governor Latif Khosa is not contesting Ayan Ali’s case without fee as previously believed, and, second, that Ayyan’s and Bilawal Bhutto’s air tickets bought through the same bank account is only a coincidence. While Khosa revealed the first information, Aitzaz did the second. It is sad that Khosa is charging poor Ayyan, a woman in distress. Aitzaz could have done it free for her. Ayyan was caught smuggling half a million US dollars to Dubai. The inspector who detained her was killed soon after he seized the hefty booty she carried. Nonetheless, it is puzzling how Ayan and Bilawal’s air tickets were bought through the same bank account? Whose bank account is it anyway? Why has the PPP verbal hit-squad headed by Aitzaz Ahsan turned its guns towards Ch Nisar? The incorruptible Chaudhry of Chakri is no pushover; he seems to have his facts right. He will hit his salvos where they hurt. I miss the action, involving big names like Ayyan Ali, Latif Khosa and Aitzaz Ahsan, being thousands of miles away from my hometown – Lala Musa.


Norway, August 16.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt