The travesty of Aristotelian def­inition of politics being the sub-branch of ethics is nowhere to be best witnessed but in our part of the world. For the laymen, eth­ics is defined as the moral behav­iour of individuals whereas poli­tics as morality of individuals in social groups or organised com­munities, as per Aristotle.

As starters, the opponents of Im­ran Khan (IK as cited further) al­lege that he uses derogatory ap­pellations for various politicians who are later welcomed whenev­er the need arises, to join his par­ty as allies or members. This is be­ing quoted with vested interest of their own frequently by members of Pakistan Democratic Movement in reference to his remarks in the past, calling the leaders of PML-Q as dacoits because recently both PTI and PML-Q have joined hands and won the election of the chief minister of Punjab.

The insulting epithets that poli­ticians dart towards one another are the norm dominating our poli­tics, but the above observation re­garding IK seems to be one-sid­ed and biased. It reeks of ironical subjectivity employed while an­alysing a political phenomenon. Do the leaders and members of PPP and PML-N not involve them­selves in mud slinging on each other? Definitely they do. PPP and PML-N have been worst adver­saries. What slurs has PML-N not spared for the late Benazir Bhutto! It doesn’t behove a gentle man to repeat those affronts.

A holistic view illustrates that this name calling cannot be foisted only upon one party or one lead­er. Politics especially politicking is a fluid game. Nothing remains cer­tain and permanent here. Oppor­tunism and self-interest happen to be the rules of the game here in our part of the world. Our politics is Machiavellian in its approach, wherein politics is divorced from ethics. These tags and denomina­tions are but a part and parcel of demagogy frequently resorted to ,to build up a narrative to woo amd guile the naive public. Machiavelli exhorts the future generations of politicians in his book The Prince that the ends justify the means.

We want to assert that to like or dislike a political leader, such a line of thought is not a mature one at all. Priorities and policies of a party must be adjudged objectively. Per­sonality or cult based demagogy is a smoke screen which blurs the re­ality and the vision of the seekers of reality. We must know how to differentiate between demagogues and genuine leaders before giving our views regarding any politician.