LAHORE - CTO Lahore Muntazir Mehdi has said that due to gatherings on roads, processions, sit-ins, rallies and protests disrupted traffic system completely.

During the first 07 months of this year, 1519 times the roads were closed due to protests. Muntazir Mehdi further said that traffic was suspended 380 times due to protests outside Lahore Press Club and 98 times on Mall Road. The traffic system remained disrupted due to 410 rallies and 41 conventions, 151 sit-ins and 66 meetings were held in the city during this year. Yesterday, protests were recorded at more than 20 places in the city against Lahore electric power supply organization. Traffic was disrupted at Stop No. 25, Begumkot Chowk LESCO, Ravi Road, Dharmapura Bridge towards Dharmapura Bazar, Badu Palli towards Begumkot, Bhati Chowk rickshaw drivers from lahori gate recorded, similarly at Shadbagh, Double Roads Sigiyan, Defense Ghazi Road, Lahore Press Club while the protest continued for 03 hours at Bridge Nahar Zafar Ali Road.  Ar, protest also took place at Faisal Chowk.


Muntazir Mehdi said that citizens are facing difficulties due to protest, protest is a constitutional right, but creating difficulties for others is against Islamic teachings.