Farmers advised to cultivate sunflower crop

FAISALABAD : The farming community can get more profit by cultivating sunflowers at maximum lands. Talking to APP here Sunday, a spokesman of the Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI) Faisalabad told that sunflower was a cash crop not only  resolve the financial problems of the farmers but also can help in cater to the food needs. He told, sunflower was an oily crop and 40 percent high quality edible oil can be extracted from its seeds.
The oil of sunflower seeds contains vitamin A, B and K which are essential for human
health, he added.
   He further told that the sunflower crop has become ready for harvest after 100-110 days and it can be easily cultivated between two major crops.
   The approved sunflower varieties are Hi-sun-33, Hi-sun-39, NK-278, FH-331, DK-4040, Agura-4 and 64-A-93 which have the potential to give maximum yields besides having severe resistance against the seasonal crop diseases, the spokesman added.

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