Healthcare and carelessness

A basic need with no basic facilities Healthcare authorities and remedies been offered by the representative is at so low slope. Being a top priority a good health, unfortunately is not delivered properly.

Healthcare is passing though dilemmas and out of situation. Pakistan is a country of various weathers and atmosphere, somewhere the hot somewhere these is snow, so demand of medical bodies vary with the requirement. And state is asked to provide the facility. Every year in Pakistan atmosphere introduce a near made virus, that spreads and effect people in a massive amount which is always alarming.

Every Pakistani face many bird viruses in human. It I dirty to convey and to make the highlight of the issues of Pakistan especially related to health virus, they are so minor so they are been neglected, as they don’t bother that much of responsibilities. Pakistan is our homeland its citizens are our people and to make them avail their rights is our duty. I hope this will make red light on the issue.



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