Vote for Service Creators

The election funds are estimated at 58 billion rupees. It is necessary that the Election Commission conducts elections that are acceptable to all political parties. If the level playing field is not equal, then the country will once again be in anarchy, chaos and political instability. Political parties will have to fight each other in the electoral arena instead of the courts. Delaying tactics in the general elections will inevitably harm the country and the nation. It is necessary to end the concerns regarding constituencies, but sacrificing the collective process for individual relief is not the right move. Implementation of the Election Commission’s powers through the honorable judiciary will open new avenues. All the institutions should remain within their scope. Work according to the constitution and the law so that the country can be taken forward. Democracy will be weakened by confrontation and silence. Undoubtedly, there is no doubt that continuity in economic policies and political stability are inevitable. Even when the government came to power, it harmed the interests of the people through its ding tapao policies.
Remove the corrupt rulers from the democratic process by the power of people’s vote. Inflation, unemployment rates are skyrocketing. People from all walks of life are worried. Due to the poor government policies of the PDM and PTI governments, the country has become a problem. Corruption mafia has looted at every level. Unfortunately, the current caretaker rulers are also following the footsteps of the previous rulers. Every government that came to power continued the IMF program. The performance of PPP, PML-N and PTI is limited to claims, promises, lip service and ding tapao actions. Actions are nowhere to be seen. Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with wealth of resources, but due to the poor policies of the rulers, we are unable to fully utilise them. Rather, foreign companies are reaping the benefits of these natural resources. We have to be independent and use our own resources only then we can stand in the ranks of developed countries. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, an 11% decrease in textile exports has been recorded on a monthly basis. The continuous increase in the price of electricity and the pressure of taxes have been put on the common man more than the capitalists. The cost of production has increased by 40%. Due to the closure of thousands of power looms, business has come to a standstill while workers are becoming unemployed. Exports of knitwear decreased by 16.13% from $434.642 million to $364.541 million. Similarly, textile goods which saw a negative growth in trade include cotton cloth which saw a decrease of 22.56% to $181.985 million. 140.936 million dollars from 1 million dollars. Exports of art, silk and synthetic textiles have also decreased by 16.18%. On the one hand, the economic situation of the country has become serious and the people cannot pay the electricity bills, while on the other hand, electricity worth billions of rupees is provided free of cost to the influential class of the country and various institutions. Electricity is stolen in many areas causing losses in billions and all this burden is put on the people. About 30% of the electricity generated in the country is not received by the government. Up to 20 percent of electricity is lost or stolen in transmission distribution.
Prosperity is not possible in the country until the corrupt people are rejected. Now is the time for the people to use their vote wisely so that the dream of development and prosperity can be realised. Jamaat-e-Islami will participate in the elections with its name and symbol and full preparation. People are living at the mercy of circumstances. Hopelessness and despair are increasing among people. After PML-N, People’s Party, Tehreek-e-Insaf has also tested the Pakistani nation, the nation will have to look and think that if there is ever a flood, earthquake or any kind of calamity in Pakistan, the country and the nation will be saved from the emergency situation. If there are four, we see Jamaat-e-Islami and its welfare organisation Al-Khidmat Foundation at the forefront, the response and trust of the people on their call is also noticeable. Despite the continuous neglect of Jamaat-e-Islami in the election process by the nation, these people never gave up their service due to disappointment. This is certainly the greatness of Jamaat-e-Islami, the structure of Jamaat-e-Islami consists of pure and honest people, if there is such a party among us, it should be brought to power, I think that the nation will have to think that when The people of Jamaat-e-Islami do so much work without any authority, so if the nation blesses them with their votes, then these people can change the destiny of the country and the nation.

The writer is a Deputy Secretary Information of Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab and Chairman D Nine Media Forum Pakistan.

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