RAJANPUR (QAZI AZIZ-UD-DIN UMAR) -The present government is going to complete its five-year tenure and the general elections loom round the corner with the fact that it could do nothing regarding public welfare rather added to the people’s miseries.

Neither the Federal government nor provincial set-ups could maintain peace and good governance during the period, as per the people. Regarding the political situation of the district, PPP’ leader Kaleemuddin Korejah, Dr Hafeezur Rahman Khan Dareshak, Kamal Fareed Malik, Jameelur Rahman Khan Buzdar and Tariq Khan Dareshak have defected their party joined the PML-N.

District Rajanpur is divided into two National Assembly and four Punjab Assembly constituencies - NA-174, NA-175 and PP-247, PP-248, PP-249 and PP-250.

Out of which, PP-247 and PP-250 elections were won by PML-N while PP-248 and PP-249 seats were grabbed by the PPP in the last elections.

In Elections 2008, the NA-174 seat was won by Muhammad Jaffar Khan Leghari from PML-Q who secured 50,040 votes while Nasarullah Khan Dareshak remained second with 40,049 votes whereas Khawaja Kaleemuddin Korejah of PPP could get 38,484 votes.

The contest for NA-175 seat was held between PPP’s Dost Muhammad Khan Mazari who secured 78427 votes and PML-Q’s Nasarullah Khan Dareshak who got 46,210 votes.

Three candidates contested for PP-247 seat. Sher Ali Gorchani of PML-N secured 24,392 votes and won the seat while Ghazali Rahim Khan Pitafi of PML-Q was the runner-up with 23,415 votes whereas Muhamma Zafarullah Khan of PPP got 13,728.

For PP-248 seat, among three contestants, Athar Hassan Khan Gorchani won the election with 28,142 votes and joined the PPP.

The runner-up was Hasnain Bahadur Dreshak who grabbed 21,475 votes, whereas Dr Hafeezur Rahman Khan Dareshak secured 15,452 votes. Amanullah Khan Dareshak of PPP won PP-249 election with 31,968 votes while Nasarullah Khan Dareshak gained 31,968 votes to become second, whereas Tariq Khan Dareshak secured 9,692 votes for third position.

Now, three political alliances are likely to come into being in the district. The first alliance may consist of Legharis, Mazaris, Dareshaks while the other one of Gorchani, Leghari and Mazari families.

 However, the Dareshak group has announced to contest elections independently.