Textiles Ministry seeks funds for 8 projects from PSDP budget

Ministry of Textiles is seeking funding for eight new projects in the PSDP budget for the 2015-16, whereas financing for two ongoing projects of more than Rs 1560 million is also proposed to be included in the next year budget.
The ministry has asked Rs.58.67 million for the monitoring and management of BT resistant in cotton bollworms. The project has been approved and the objective of the project is to detect the occurrence of the resistance to BT toxin and develop resistance management strategies.
The second project is cotton as relay crop in standing wheat for enhancing productivity of both the crops. This project has been approved and Rs. 15.20 million has been asked for the enhancing area and productivity of the cotton and wheat crops through relay cropping system.
Development of management strategies for red and dusky cotton bugs, which is considered a serious threat to cotton crop in the country. This project will be discussed in DDWP and its cost is Rs.59.928 million.
Implementation of the cotton standardised system for the production of high quality standardised clean cotton, Rs. 41.587 million has been asked for this project.
Fifth project is strengthening of agriculture extension service in cotton growing districts of the country, which estimated to be a Rs 210 million
Faisalabad Garment city is another project which would be discussed in CDWP, and its cost is estimated to be Rs.598.500 million. This is a textile infrastructure project whereby state of the art infrastructure would be developed.
According to the documents the ministry claims that this project would help garments manufacturers in boosting value addition to textile related exports.
Faisalabad Garment City training City is another separate project and Rs 60 million has been sought to train textile workers.
Development of Garment city in Karachi has been divided into phases and for first phase Ministry of Textile has sought Rs 805.119 million and the objective is to develop state of the art infrastructure which would be leased out to the garments manufacturers to boost value addition of the textile sector.
Prime Minister Skill Development Programme for textile industry is eighth project and Rs1200 million has been asked to make available skilled human resources to convert semi processed raw materials into value added products.
The ongoing projects, which have been desired to be included in PSDP 2015-16 are providing and laying 48 inch diameter water main pipeline for Karachi Textile City, which has been enhanced from Rs636 million to Rs. 1547.564 million. Under second ongoing project, Rs 14.240 million has been asked to pay liabilities of contractors and others in Lahore Garment City.

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