Trump wins the first primary

Without any shadow of doubt, Donald Trump is the biggest political story of 2015. No one anywhere who was considered knowledgeable in American politics believed Trump would be the frontrunner in national polls from August to December. If anyone tells you they expected the Trump phenomenon, you may as well ask them to make a New Year’s resolution to stop telling lies. Everyone who had some idea about this eruption, was visibly absent.
In order to actually see the active side of this unique phenomenon or idea, I actually travelled thousands of miles recently back to the states to see the demonstration of this idea and I am glad to have done so as this narrative today will hopefully demonstrate this simple fact. On Tuesday, the 9th of February, Trump actually beat the rest of the republican candidates for being nominated as the president of the US. His numbers was really impressive as they achieved more than one third of the total polls who participated in the said elections.
The only ones really paying any attention to the presidential primary in mid-June when Trump held his kickoff announcement, at Trump Tower were political insiders and no bodies who never took the announcement with the seriousness it manifestly deserved—-indeed most of them laughed off the real estate magnate’s candidacy as a joke.
However, cable TV news channels — Fox News, MSNBC and CNN in particular — were arguably the biggest entities with something to gain from Trump’s entry into the race, and they put him on the air and talked about him far more than any other candidate in the race. There is no suggestion here that this was a conspiracy——far from it——but the net result of the media’s involvement into this sudden rise in popularity of TRUMP is both evident and may be self speaking……but watching closely it must frankly admitted that here too he was subject to immense scrutiny by their pundits and experts.
As the Washington Post put it, it is a fact that the dynamic nature of this truly great idea that has persisted since Trump entered the race was never properly understood. And so Trump, already famous for being famous, went from punch line to legitimate candidate largely because of cable TV’s insatiable appetite for profit. Nobody then thought it would last. But again the pundits were wrong and this is now the reality before everyone.
But Trump’s national poll numbers rose to 6 percent in two weeks, and by mid-July he was at 10 percent, trailing only Jeb Bush. By the third week of July he had passed Bush. He has led in the national polls — which are testing name recognition more than anything — since then Trump has led in all kinds of polls and is now the chief political guru of this land of lights and delights. I feel particularly pleased at this startling but not unexpected development.
The added advantages of having actually seen his evolution, given below are my own submissions of the reasons for such a consequence. However important is the fact of all the cable TV exposure which ensured the rising poll numbers and support from survey respondents who might not have known that anyone else was even running or planning to be an actual presidential candidate. And Trump’s rhetoric began to resonate with the non-college-educated white working class, channeling their anger at feeling left behind economically and culturally.
Illegal immigration was his first and primary line of actual attack. Trump’s promise to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico and make the Mexican government pay for it only demonstrated the ludicrousness of his candidacy to elites. But to the blue-collar worker struggling to pay the bills, it was at least something to make up for the rising cost of goods and services while paychecks stayed flat, or for lost jobs, or for the fact that life seemed increasingly overwhelming and, to some, maybe even meaningless.
It was followed by the terrorist attacks in Paris, in turn then followed by the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., elevated concerns about personal safety and national security to the front of many voters’ minds in November. Trump’s bellicose manner — a dangerous carelessness to veteran political watchers — won over more casual observers. When Trump sought to address concerns about terrorists coming to the United States, he did not propose a ban on or a delay in immigration from certain countries or parts of the world. He said the U.S. — a nation founded on the principle of freedom of religion — should ban new entries from an entire faith group. And his national numbers went up, again. Today as I see it he is clearly the front runner for the next presidential elections which area to be held later in November this year.
It is this scenario which has seen and actually witnessed the rise to expected legitimacy of the Trump candidacy as the future President of the US. The longer he stays in the public eye the greater is the chance that he may well be the next head of state that the US has He thus is first real and most fresh political powerhouse to emerge in the political scene of this world.

he writer is barrister at law (US and UK), senior advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and professor at Harvard University.

The writer is barrister at law (US and UK), senior advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and professor at Harvard University.

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