Pulwama, who is the benificiary?

The latest attack on a convoy of Indian CPRF comes at a time when Pakistan is shedding diplomatic isolation and gearing up for an economic take off. Meanwhile the Kashmir freedom struggle is touching new heights, with unarmed youth laying down their lives to throw the yolk of Indian Occupation. Indian atrocities have also increased manifolds and we hear the stories of torture, outright killings and Cordon and Search Operations (CASO) by Indian Army, Operation All Out is now being perused with brutality and ruthlessness.

There is a need to analyse the drivers of events and geostrategic environment in South Asia to draw conclusions from recent attack in Pulwama and find out, who will benefit from it.

The month of February is supposed to be critical for Pakistan and India due to major happenings; some of the important ones are being highlighted:

Kulbhushan Yadav case is being contested in ICJ between Pakistan and India, while Pakistan is going to focus on Kulbhushans spy credentials and the fact that he was master mind of a huge terror network targeting Balochistan and Urban centers of Pakistan, India will try to prove him as an innocent contractor or businessman, who had a candy shop in Iranian city of Chabahar.

Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Slaman(MBS) is in Pakistan and the visit is being projected as a new era in expanding relations between both countries, with billions of dollars investment to be pledged for helping Pakistan’s economy. Interestingly MBS is also visiting India after Pakistan.

Afghan Peace Process is also entering a crucial phase where Pakistan’s central position is being acknowledged by the International community, this is also going to positively reset Pak-US relations, something indigestible by India.

Indian Lok Sabha elections are round the corner and Doval-Modi cabal of RSS and Miltablishment of India feels that they are losing political ground and there is a need to revive the Modi cult; nothing sells better in India than Pakistan Card. Modi is also under pressure from Hindutwa Hawks and the RSS cabal holding power in South Block to do something on Pakistan.

Pakistan is also fighting her case related to FATF and is trying to convince the organisation that it is against terrorism and money laundering.

There is also something strange about how Pulwama attack took place. The CPRF convoy was delayed by two days and was timed to appear in Pulwama very close to dates of Kulbhushan case hearing and MBS visit. The boy Adil Dar who targeted the convoy with a 200 kg RDX laden vehicle had vanished almost one year ago, his family was disgraced recently and his house was put on fire few days before the Pulwama attack. His video released within hour after the attack also confirms that it is doctored, as his lips don’t match what he is saying. Similarly the intelligence failure on convoy’s protection raises many questions, how can 2500 Soldiers move in a long convoy without any road clearance, necessitated in a zone where we have war like situation? There are reports which suggest that one vehicle could not have caused so much damage and casualties, there were some people who also carried out firing on the convoy after the blast, where did those people vanish? Were these the Doval Boys of Raw killing CPRF, since CPRF boys could be written off for a bigger cause. 

 History of Indian False flag operations is not unknown, from Samjhota Express (where Pakistan was immediately blamed, but later it was discovered that a serving Indian Army officer Col Prohit master minded and executed that attack) to Mumbai False Flag, now confirmed by Elias Davidson’s famous book, the Betrayal of India, it is a long list of these operations, where Pakistan was targeted.

If one looks at these important factors and the Pulwama attack, things start becoming crystalised. The main question, who benefits from this attack, need some deliberation.

Doval and Kaoboys of RAW may have attempted to achieve following objectives, especially looking at timings of the attack:

One, try spoil the atmosphere of MBS visit to Pakistan and later use the propaganda against Pakistan when MBS visits India.

Two, affect Pakistan’s defence and stance on Kulbhushan case in ICJ, when the hearing of the case is happening after few days of the Pulwama attack.

Three, affect Pakistan’s defence in FATF.

Four, affect Pakistan’s central position in Afghan Peace Process and pressurise US administration and India sympathisers in the Hill to delay the process, so that India gets more time to keep destabilising Pakistan through her proxies in Afghanistan.

Five, pave the way for resurrection of Modi cult and help BJP hawks to up the ante against Pakistan and make sure the RSS cabal retains power on the Rajpath. The reaction by Indian public after Pulwama attack and slogans of ‘death to Pakistan”, “revenge from Pakistan” and “nuke Pakistan” confirms that Doval-Modi circus has been able to arouse the Pakistan hate card in India and RSS goons will cash on it in coming days to bolster Modi Ji as the great saviour of India.

Pakistan will have to defend her case in international community by asking for an international inquiry into this incident, India has previously gotten away with these False Flag operations due to her gimmickry and economic clout. It is unfortunate that Indian public drowned in the sea of post truth, Bollywood and cricket can be easily sedated by this perpetuating Doval-Modi Circus. There is a need to ask Indian public and media to debate the questions raised in this paper.

For how long will this circus continue killing Indian security forces and innocent people and for how long will RAW keep sacrificing these sacrificial goats on the altar of a fake policy of Pakistan card?

If one looks at these important factors and the Pulwama attack, things start becoming crystalised. The main question, which benefits from this attack need some deliberation.

The author is a freelance journalist adeelanaureen@gmail.com

The writer is a freelance columnists. Email: yalla_umar@yahoo.com

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