Large number of rickshaws plying without number plates in Attock

ATTOCK       -     In Attock city and surrounding areas a large number of rickshaws plying without number plates, headlights and indicators but traffic police are silent over the issue. As per a source of Excise and Taxation Department Attock, more than 16 thousand rickshaws are there in Attock and more than 60 percent are not registered. These rickshaws are on the one hand creating hurdles for smooth flow of traffic and on the other hand a great problem for those visiting the areas. A large number of rickshaws are being driven by underage drivers having no license. Traffic police are completely silent and ignoring this serious issue. PRO Attock Police when contacted said that the concerned traffic police staff will be given instructions in this context. On the other hand, people have demanded that from Teen Mela Chowk to Attock City maximum speed must be 40 km/ hour to control fatal accidents and in this context sign boards must be erected on both sides of the road.

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