Global warming 

I am writing to draw the atten­tion of the government regard­ing ongoing global warming. Global warming can result in many seri­ous alterations to the environment, particularly impacting human health. It is a major health chal­lenging problem that our country faces today. It can cause various kinds of life-threatening issues, like climate change, precipitation pat­terns, increased risks of droughts and floods, and a threat to biodi­versity. Pakistan already has a high number of floods worldwide. Due to global warming impacts. Paki­stan is suffering a high prevalence of poor health and floods. Regret­tably, yet the government has not taken any significant steps to ad­dress this alarming matter on time. Global warming has affected the climate of Pakistan in the form of melting of glaciers. But the govern­ment has failed to address this ma­jor issue. I recommend to the rele­vant authorities to take immediate and decisive action to curb this paramount effect seriously. 



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