Inclusive Governance

The initiative taken by Aqibullah Khan, PTI’s nominee for the position of provincial assembly speaker in KP, to introduce traditions giving equal opportunities to both the government and opposition benches promises a radical change in the legislative environment of the assembly.

Equal opportunities for the government and opposition benches in the assembly may very well lead to more effective policymaking and legislation. This effectively means that while important decisions con­cerning the general public are being made, a wide range of perspec­tives would be taken into account. Giving more voice to the people au­tomatically translates into providing more autonomy to the people in how they are governed. Another major point addressed in the meeting included the presence of ministers in the assembly and prioritising the resolution of public issues. The emphasis on resolving public issues and prioritising the interests of the people suggests a focus on respon­sive governance. This can contribute to the overall well-being of citi­zens by addressing their concerns through legislative actions.

Khan has stated that the province, under his leadership, will not adopt a confrontational policy with the federal government. Instead, efforts will be made to improve relations with the federal government to overcome cur­rent crises in the province. By advocating a non-confrontational approach with the federal government, there is potential for increased stability and cooperation between provincial and federal authorities. This can facilitate more coordinated efforts in addressing shared challenges and crises. The burden of economic challenges faced by both the province and the coun­try, including high levels of debt, inflation, and unemployment, falls on the shoulders of both the government and opposition benches. Responsible financial management is the need of the hour, and Khan’s acknowledge­ment of how this is a shared responsibility signals that major reforms are underway. This approach can possibly lead to more sustainable economic policies and efforts to increase the resources of the province.

This is a massive step towards inclusive governance, and only time will reveal the effectiveness of these measures once they are properly implemented. The initiatives offer a glimmer of hope to the public and are a step towards establishing a democratic system where the nation is placed above everything else.

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