Lung Cancer

Pakistan has a high prevalence of lung cancer, one of the most serious respiratory disorders. Providing an accurate figure for lung cancer mortality rate is chal­lenging due to the absence of a valid cancer registry in the coun­try. It’s crucial to acknowledge that lung cancer remains a ma­jor health concern and the lead­ing cause of cancer death, with an estimated 18% increase in deaths in 2020, according to the Interna­tional Agency for Cancer’s Global Cancer 2020 estimate. 

The tumour, which replaces lung tissue due to uncontrolled cell division, also blocks air pas­sageways in lung cancer, lead­ing to a blockage of the respira­tory passage and a reduction in air supply to the lungs. Smoking and exposure to polluted air are the primary causes of lung can­cer, with smoke containing over 4000 chemicals. It is estimated that smoking causes 90% of lung cancer cases. 

Addressing and controlling the burden of lung cancer requires government intervention through various policies, such as promoting physical health. Legislation is es­sential to tackle the global and lo­cal burden of cancer. Government agencies like the CDC offer basic in­formation about lung cancer. 



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