My top priority is to bring maximum ATP, ITF activity to Pakistan: Aisam

Newly elected president of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF), Aisam ul Haq Qureshi, committed to significantly enhancing the presence of ATP and ITF tournaments in Pakistan, leveraging his international experience and connections for the advancement of the sport locally.

During a press conference at a local hotel on Friday, Aisam said: "My primary mission is to utilize my extensive network and rapport with the global tennis community to bring a higher level of international tennis activity to Pakistan. This initiative will not only provide our promising athletes with invaluable exposure to top-tier competitions but also assist in elevating their standings in the global arena." 

Addressing the need for broader access to ITF junior events beyond Islamabad, he acknowledged the concerns of various PTF units. "Expanding ITF junior events to include the Punjab Lawn Tennis Association and Sindh Tennis Association is a priority. This is just the beginning, as we aim to extend these opportunities to all the units of the federation progressively," he explained.

Aisam's vision for Pakistan tennis includes securing more sponsorships, grassroots development, and producing players of international repute, akin to his and Aqeel Khan's success. "My goal is to cultivate a respectful and nurturing environment for both players and coaches, propelling them to achieve excellence and honor for our country," he emphasized. 

The PTF president also pledged to enhance player welfare by increasing prize money at both junior and senior levels and offering significant incentives and match fees to Davis Cup participants. "Acknowledging and rewarding our players is essential for their growth and international success," Aisam remarked.

Highlighting his strategy for international collaboration, Aisam shared his enthusiasm for creating opportunities for Pakistani players to train abroad and inviting international athletes to compete in Pakistan. "These exchanges are vital for broadening our players' horizons, improving their skill sets, and boosting their performances both domestically and internationally," he said. 

The PTF chief closed his remarks by reflecting on his personal connection to the sport and its athletes. "The players are not just competitors; they are my brothers. I am wholeheartedly committed to their welfare and development based strictly on merit. My vision is to professionalize and revolutionize tennis in Pakistan, ensuring our athletes have the support and opportunities they need to thrive," he concluded.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt