Pneumonia claims five more lives in 24 hours

LAHORE   -   Pneumonia cases surge in Punjab, resulting in the tragic loss of five young lives within the past 24 hours. While Lahore reports 168 new cases, the city thankfully records no fatalities during this period. According to health department officials, this year alone, Punjab witnesses a staggering 415 deaths attributed to pneumonia, with Lahore accounting for 65 of those fatalities. The province grapples with a total of 30,973 reported cases, while Lahore alone registers 6,788 cases, according to health experts. Experts attribute the alarming rise in pneumonia cases to the hazardous smog stemming from winter air pollution. Pneumonia, an infection affecting the lungs, is particularly prevalent among children under the age of five. Symptoms of pneumonia, ranging from coughing and fever to difficulty breathing, can prove fatal, especially for young children. Early detection through chest X-rays is crucial, with treatment typically involving antiviral medication. As the region battles this health crisis exacerbated by environmental factors, vigilance and preventative measures remain paramount to safeguard public health.

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