PTI’s Asad Qaiser questions ‘credibility’ of incoming coalition govt

RAWALPINDI   -  PTI leader Asad Qaiser has questioned the cred­ibility of the incoming coalition government led by the PML-N and the PPP. Speaking to the me­dia in Rawalpindi, Qaiser claimed that the PML-N was forming governments in Punjab or centre by offering bribes or pressuring our people” de­spite having a “fake mandate”.

“What credibility will this government have? What say will it have? Who will respect this gov­ernment? If you would not respect the public opinion, how will this country move forward?” he asked. Qaiser said he would try to talk to a superintendent, presumably that of the Adiala district jail, to meet incarcerated party founder Imran Khan to discuss the “various ongoing alli­ances” of the PTI with other political parties.

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