Raiwind realities

While cities are often celebrat­ed for their modern ameni­ties and cleanliness, Raiwind, de­spite being the residence of Mian Nawaz Sharif, falls short in essen­tial facilities. The city lacks hospi­tals, schools, colleges, and univer­sities, presenting a stark contrast to the usual urban standards. Ra­iwind’s streets are perpetual­ly dirty, often filled with stagnant water, and its unpaved roads lack proper lighting. Families in our city find no suitable parks for spending quality time during holidays, paint­ing a disheartening picture. 

It’s imperative for the govern­ment not only to enhance existing facilities but also to designate ar­eas for new parks. Initiatives ad­dressing street cleanliness and road paving are equally vital. Ad­ditionally, minimizing gas load-shedding can significantly im­prove the winter experience for residents. Achieving these goals would undoubtedly elevate the standard of living in Raiwind. Au­thorities must not only acknowl­edge these issues but also devise effective solutions for the better­ment of our community.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt