Strategic Projects DG calls on ZTBL chief

ISLAMABAD  -   Major General Shahid Nazir HI(M), Di­rector General (DG), Stra­tegic Projects, called on President/CEO ZTBL, Mr Tahir Yaqoob Bhatti, pre­vious day at ZTBL Head Office, Islamabad. Presi­dent/CEO ZTBL briefed on the ZTBL functions and performance highlight­ing that ZTBL is the pre­mier financial institution with years long history to serve the banking needs of subsistence and small farmers of the country. Extension of best agricul­tural advisory services to farmers at their doorstep makes ZTBL a distinct en­tity from other financial institutes, he added. He further emphasised that the growing challenge of food security neces­sitates that conventional agriculture is transformed into precision and smart agriculture, conserving resources and increas­ing productivity, with ac­tive participation of all stakeholders. DG Strate­gic Projects (DGSP) ex­pressed gratitude to the President/CEO ZTBL. He highlighted that Green Corporate Initiative, un­der the umbrella of SIFC, aims to build up agricul­ture and livestock sector in Pakistan for enhancing its contribution towards national development, import substitution, food security, value addition by utilising barren, unde­veloped and underdevel­oped lands. He elaborated that Land Information and Management Sys­tem (LIMS), an affiliate of Green Corporate Initia­tive, will provide real time information to farmers re­garding weather updates, soil nutrients, water re­quirements, crop yield appraisals, pest monitor­ing and fertiliser require­ment. DGSP invited bank to join hands with LIMS towards digital collabora­tion and financial inclu­sion. President ZTBL/CEO and DGSP further agreed to synergise their strengths, fostering increased col­laboration, interaction and knowledge sharing to achieve common ob­jectives. DGSP shared the progress made by Green Corporate Initiative in Cholistan area, KP and Sindh with the support of provincial governments. The President/CEO ZTBL and DG Strategic Projects pledged to work in close association for the better­ment and uplift of agricul­ture sector of the country.

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