TECNO Mobile receives prestigious award from President of Pakistan for technology transformation

ISLAMABAD   -  TECNO Mobile, a leading player in the mobile phone industry, was honoured with an award for its outstanding contributions to technology transformation and financial inclusion of women by His Excellency, Mr Arif Alvi, President of the Islamic Repub­lic of Pakistan. The prestigious event took place at Awan-e-Sadr, gathering distinguished indus­try leaders, policymakers, cor­porate executives, startups, and companies excelling in financial inclusion of women and tech­nological advancements. The theme of the event was “Em­bracing Financial Inclusion and Business Transformation”.

In a significant milestone, TECNO Mobile became the first mobile phone assembler in Pakistan, a testament to its com­mitment to local manufacturing. President Alvi endorsed TEC­NO’s dedication to local produc­tion during the ceremony.

TECNO Mobile’s state-of-the-art factories, with 11 production lines, boast an impressive ca­pacity of 850,000 smartphones per month. In 2023 alone, TECNO assembled 1.4 million smartphones, solidifying its po­sition as one of Pakistan’s larg­est mobile phone makers. Nota­bly, TECNO’s workforce of 3,000 individuals includes 30 percent female employees, marking the highest female workforce repre­sentation in local mobile phone manufacturing.

In pursuit of innovation, TEC­NO has forged strategic partner­ships with industry leaders like Jazz and NUST, driving Pakistan into the era of 5G technology. The establishment of Pakistan’s first 5G testing lab at NUST underscores TECNO’s commit­ment to technological advance­ment and academic research. By providing 5G mobile phones for research purposes, TECNO sup­ports initiatives across various sectors, including health, edu­cation, finance, disaster man­agement, climate change, agri-tech, and industry.

Mr Adeel Tahir, Sales Director of TECNO Pakistan, expressed pride in the company’s achieve­ments, stating, “It is an honour to receive recognition from the highest levels of the state. We take pride in being the first com­pany to undertake mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan and in having the highest ratio of wom­en working in our manufacturing plants. The collaboration with Jazz and NUST for 5G research and academic purposes lays the groundwork for startups and a thriving 5G ecosystem in Paki­stan. This is a moment of great pride for TECNO Pakistan.”

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