SC expresses resentment over delay in appointment of AGP

The Supreme Court (SC) while expressing resentment over the delay in the attorney general of Pakistan’s (AGP) appointment, directed the federal government to fill the constitutional post. 

Earlier, AGP Ashtar Ausaf tendered his resignation but he was asked by PM Shehbaz Sharif to continue till the appointment of his successor.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa, the next most senior judge of the Supreme Court, gave remarks on the lack of assistance from the attorney general in a case related to tampered car.

“Who is the attorney general in the country right now?” Justice Isa asked the deputy AGP, who failed to give a satisfying answer.

“We are asking you politely to appoint the attorney general,” Justice Isa told the government during the hearing.

SC also asked if the government so incompetent that it cannot even appoint an attorney general from 5,500 Supreme Court lawyers.

Justice Isa also questioned whether the government is bargaining with someone over the AGP’s appointment.

Justice Isa said that the government is violating the Constitution by not appointing the AGP, adding that the orders given by the apex court were not followed either.

The court said that the additional attorney general and the deputy attorney general are bound to take instructions from the AGP only.

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