THE IPI tri-nation gas pipeline project remains in cold storage much to one's chagrin. Reportedly, there are certain vested interests inside the government that are stymieing the project on the unfounded plea that it is financially not viable. Unfortunately, there are also outside forces that have been opposing the pipeline. For instance, the USA does not like the project since it seeks to isolate Iran and is encouraging Pakistan and India to turn to Turkmenistan instead. New Delhi has been another hindrance because it keeps arguing over price mechanism and transit fee. At things stand, the government while it should garner outside support for the project ought to rein in the opponents within. The country's power and energy crisis that has gained horrific proportions, provoking masses to take to the streets could be resolved effectively by the IPI project. Concurrently, in the short term, the government must deregulate the LGP sector because it has formed a monopoly, which is having an adverse effect on country's energy growth. Besides, allowing its duty free import would help not only provide cheap gas to the consumers but also add to the country's power generation capacity. Yet, as the protests around the country indicate, it will not be long when it might become too hard for the government to straighten things out. It would be well advised to gird up its loins and tackle the crisis on a war footing.