WANA (Online) - Three groups of Taliban in South Waziristan Agency on Wednesday selected Ikhlas Khan alias Waziristan Baba as the new Ameer of Abdullah Mehsud group. Three groups namely Turkistan Bathni, Haji Tehsil Khan Wazir and Ikhals Khan Mehsud formed a new group with name of Abullah Mehsud. New Ameer Ikhlas Khan is 42-year-old. He joined Abdullah Mehsud three years ago. Talking to a private TV channel, Ikhlas Khan said that Baithullah Mehsud and other groups would not be allowed to indulge in cruel activities against innocent people. Waziristan Baba said revenge would be taken from Baithullah Mehsud for destroying hospitals, schools and killing of people in seven tehsils of the agency. Waziristan Baba further said Baithullah Mehsud was involved in the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The offices of new group have been set up in South Wazirstan including Gomal, Umar Adda, Jandola, Pang, and Sheikh Autar and more offices will be opened in other areas, he said.