ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has planned to set up a National Translation Bureau to translate Pakistani literature in other foreign languages as well as foreign literature into Pakistani languages. Chairman of PAL, Fakhar Zaman talking to the agency on Wednesday said that the bureau would not only translate writings from Pakistani literature into different regional languages but also in foreign languages. The translation bureau to be established here at the academy premises will also translate the international literature in Pakistani languages. The chairman said, Pakistani literature translated into UNESCO languages will facilitate foreign readers to understand diverse cultural heritage and historical background of the country. Fakhar Zaman said that Pakiistani writers were recognise globally on the occasion of International Conference 1995. The writings of Pakistani writers from all Pakistani languages were translated in UNESCO languages and sent to different countries. These books are still the identity of Pakistani literature in libraries there. Keeping this in view, PAL has decided to set up a National Translation Bureau in PAL to translate literary work in both foreign and national languages to create cultural understanding, said Chairman of the Academy. With other language experts, the translators will also be hired to do the translation job amicably. He said that the academy will expand its work as a publisher and the quality books of writers will be published at low price. The book of new and young writers from far-flung areas of country will be published. Under this project a modern press will be established in the present building of PAL. Summary for this purpose has been sent to the government for approval. Under this project not only the books of those writers will be published who cannot publish their books.