KARACHI - Former Olympic and World Cup goalkeeper Qamar Zia, who was part of the movement that ousted former PHF president Mir Zafarullah Jamali, has slammed the present officials for taking a hasty step in slapping life ban on former Olympian Mansoor Ahmed and Naveed Alam. Speaking to media at his residence here on Wednesday ,Qamar Zia said the PHF had not taken the route of due process in taking action against the two players who had leveled allegations against the PHF secretary for human trafficking and mismanagement of funds. He said the current officials of the PHF instead of promoting the game were creating new controversies and said he was ready to play the role of a mediator in solving the controversy and added without unity amongst the ranks of former Olympians, the game could not flourish. He said he had the support of about 15 Olympians in solving the latest controversy that had engulfed the PHF only because the officials had refused to take proper steps to address the problem and instead took hasty decisions.He said if there was any reason to move against the two players, a committee should have been set up to look into the matter and only after it had submitted its report an action should have been taken. The ban on two players, he said, was uncalled for. The National Assembly Standing Committee for sports had already called Mansoor Ahmed to appear before it. Qamar said disputes in hockey should be resolved by persons related to the game such as Olympians.He also appealed to the patrons of the PHF Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to constitute a committee comprising former Olympians to overcome the present hockey crisis. He hoped that the PHF officials would welcome his offer of mediation. He said the PHF was getting involved in unnecessary controversies one after the other. PHF Secretary Asif Bajwa had termed the former Olympians as spent force and those who were working for the improvement of sport were removed from their positions. He said disputes inside the PHF were damaging the national hockey as a result the popularity of national game is going down.