BANGKOK - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the proliferation of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction pose greater threat to peace in Asia. The threat that I always worry about, first and foremost, is proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. And obviously we are concerned about North Korea and recent reports about perhaps their dealings with (what we call) Burma, Hillary told Suthichai Yoon of The Nation, Bangkoks English-language newspaper, while responding to a question what she thinks is the biggest threat to the peace of the region (Asia) at this moment. Asked whether she was worried about close ties between North Korea and Burma, she replied, We are going to explore it in Phuket and talk to all the other foreign ministers who are there. We want to try to focus the attention by countries that have a direct relationship or shared border as Thailand does. So that there can be a united front against that ever happening. Im not saying it is happening but we want to be prepared to try to stand against it. Q: North Korea is the main focus of your talks (on the sidelines of ARF meeting in Phuket) this time. How serious is North Koreas threat to United States? A: Its not a serious threat to United States. At this time its weapons capacity and technological progress is not a threat to us but it is a threat to our other allies and if it continues its a threat to further destabilisation in East Asia, and particularly Northeast Asia. Well be talking about many important issues here at the Asean meeting. Im very proud that Ill be signing, on behalf of my country, the treaty of Amity and Collaboration. The behaviour and provocative reaction of North Korea raised issues because for example if North Korea pursues this nuclear programme other countries are going to feel out of their own self-defence necessity they must also. That chain reaction is one of the reasons why in another part of the world we are concerned about Iran. If Iran requires another nuclear weapon then other countries in the Middle East are going to think that they have to have one, too. Q: Who actually gives some more headache Kim Jong-il, ......, General Than Swe, Osama Bin Laden... A: They give me headache all the time. You mentioned obviously some of the people who, I think, are playing a very negative role in the world and I have to worried about all of them, unfortunately. Q: Are you saying that you are refocusing Asia? A: Yes. Q: Talking about Burma, if Aung Sang Suu Kyi is not released would you be sorry to see Burma kicked out of Asean? A: Well thats up to Asean. Q: As you arrived in India last week, there were bomb attacks in Jakarta. Is international terrorism still a big threat? A: It is and it is still an overwhelming priority of the US because of our own experience. I think what happened in Jakarta was tragic as all of these cowardly terrorist attacks always are. ANN