ISLAMABAD The three-year extension given to the Army Chief would lead Pakistan to more aggressive campaign against terrorism and extremism within its boundaries. As reported earlier by TheNation, the move comes after much thought within the US-led international coalition and Pakistans democratic dispensation to retain General Kayani in the best interest of continuity in the war against terror. Unlike his predecessor, General Kayani, a highly professional career officer, has so far executed successful military campaigns against terrorists in Malakand, Swat and parts of FATA including South Waziristan, Orakzai, Khyber, Baujaur and Mohmad Agencies, and has been praised the world over for his decisive role. However, domestically these operations remain a subject of intense debate. Despite heavy causalties and other sacrifices, top brass of the Pakistan Army in its last meeting chaired by General Kayani had vowed to purge Pakistan of terrorism with more vigour and valour. As TheNation had already reported that Pakistan Army had started planning a decisive operation against militants in North Waziristan shortly after the Data Darbar tragedy. Well-placed sources have informed TheNation that a similar operation was being planned in Kurram Agency to further push and surround the militants in the terrain of North Waziristan. A question still haunting Pakistanis is what role Ms Clintons support for Kayani played in the extension.