CAA moves to control bird activity around Karachi airport

KARACHI - Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) Senior Joint Secretary and Spokesman Aviation Division Abdul Sattar Khokhar has said that the PCAA has initiated work on expression of interest for advanced sonic machines for controlling bird activity around Lahore and Karachi airports. He said the idea of advanced sonic machines is being evaluated in the house before taking further action.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, the Aviation Division Spokesperson said, “In response to news on television channels regarding bird hits, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has shared the factual position. Two airports, Lahore and Karachi have been highlighted regarding damage to the aircraft due to bird hits.”

The PCAA spokesperson said that residential areas near the airports attract bird to the garbage dumps and surrounding areas outside the airport fence were beyond the jurisdiction of the PCAA for which it constantly approaches the civic authorities for proper action against bird activity.

The PCAA has requested the concerned authorities to ensure that waste from meat, fish, poultry shops and eating places is stored in covered bins and transported away from the airport for disposal.

The PCAA said public awareness campaigns were carried out by distributing pamphlets, banners, and making announcements from mosque loudspeakers in areas falling within its jurisdiction.

The spokesperson said, “Routine measures including the shooting of cartridges by bird shooters, pressure horns, acoustic guns, firecrackers, scarecrows, patrolling Follow-Me vehicles etc. continue round the clock are being taken, however, there are several methods available for management of bird and wildlife activity at airports, no single method will work in all instances and with all species.”



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