Petrol from Rs.96 started increasing and now it has almost reached Rs. 250 which is making the life of the Pakistani public harder. Life had already been difficult after the pandemic and is now flattened by inflation. The state of the public is prejudiced and people, in our country, are going through the harshest circumstances of their lives.

Things have inflated, and the prices of commodities have touched the skies due to which the people of the country are in deep despair. We have to choose between buying fuel or food. However, the people still hope that the situation gets better after fresh elections but there are actually no guarantees because we all know how good our leaders are.

Pakistan is a developing country, where almost everyone is either poor or middle class here. Honestly, there are just a small number of people who can afford a luxurious lifestyle. Pakistan being a developing country can not compete with others.

But alas, It seems that Pakistan is competing with other countries where every single item is expensive. The items which we used to buy for Rs. 100 rupees now have become Rs.200 or even more than that. Let us take the example of sugar and oil which have increased thrice than previous rates.

The one who possesses the savings of centuries will never understand the pain of daily wagers, the one who earns by cheating will never realize the grief of hard workers, and the one who sits on chairs and gives order will never come to feel the sufferings of poor labourers. We again, in simple and clear words, remind the bureaucrats that the people of Pakistan are in despair, so please, for the sake of Pakistan, reduce the hardships of the citizens by ensuring satisfactory measurements. Yes! there is no denying that the people of our country can not afford living expenses and they can not compete with other people belonging to diverse states.

The government should also know that if the problem is not interpreted with time, it can give a huge rise to crimes like stealing purses, attacking women, looting banks, targeting officials and respectful citizens, and a large number of crimes which also include streets crimes, suicide attempts, ripping off the homes which can threaten every single person in the country.

Nevertheless, we all want to see Pakistan as a debt-free country, but not by making hardships for poor people. Most importantly, nowadays earning money has also become harder because there is no more job security. Accordingly, many employees are and were being deprived of their jobs. It seems as if the situation is going to be out of control and the above-mentioned threats would come true.

This can be highly hazardous for every single citizen of the country if such difficulties of people are not tackled with time.

Yes, it is rightly said that sometimes, it is better to wait and hope for the best and that is what the public of Pakistan is doing. It is high time now the political party that is in power should think not to discomfort the public but try to solve crises within them.

Before adding more, I must include that the people of Pakistan have never been satisfied with the politicians as they had never been satisfactory.

Therefore, it is most critical to choose who can be the best leader for the country. No one should be allowed to betray the public. If any government befools the country’s people, should be severally punished for making false statements and promises.

Moreover, we all are entirely aware that inflation can be a cause of numerous catastrophic inconveniences. The more inflation, the more problems. The more problems, the more restlessness and backwardness.