It is time for the ruling elite, politicians, traders, bureaucracy and all other stakeholders to realize that their collective and individual misdeeds from 1953 onwards have driven this country to a precipice. Desperate masses should no longer be taken for a ride, either in the name of religion, or populist anti-west slogans or conspiracy theories, but their basic issues must be addressed and austerity must be seen to trickle down from the top privileged elite, who are riding expensive SUVs and enjoying tax holidays and amnesty schemes. Trade must be conducted with all countries if it is economically beneficial.

The democratic process, which evolved over 200 years has established certain principles, which Islam also endorses. There is a shelf life for politicians, usually two terms of 8 to 10 years and the paid civil/uniformed elite in terms of fixed tenures.  Someone has to be held responsible for involving this country in proxy wars, and needless adventures, whilst our geographical boundaries and territory have shrunk.

Why is it that our elected and paid uniformed elite, and members of civil bureaucracy after enjoying all that this country had to offer, have abandoned and considered it appropriate for their children and families to live abroad? The fate and destiny of Pakistan cannot and should not be decided by men, with split loyalties, who on oath revoked all loyalties they may have held in past.

Why should MNS insist that Ishaq Dar be our Finance Minister or IK chose the likes of Shahbaz Gill, Musarrat Aneel, Zulfi as his kitchen cabinet?