Social media awareness

The youngsters these days are truly obsessed with social media. They spend most of their time on it. Due to the high influence of these social media apps on young people, they only believe in the information they receive through them. They don’t go for the authenticity of these pieces of news. The minds are highly inclined toward the intriguing factors that make them move away from moral values and ethics. The propagandas are targeting the youth which is 64% of the population of Pakistan.

If false, concocted, manipulative, offensive, wedging, and provocative news can be a part of our newsfeed to be digested, there should be a competing thought of propagating righteous, absolute, ingenious, alluring, merging, and calming factors or ideas that can be conveyed to youth. The authorities should address the interests of these youth on these social media forums. Despite sharing the ads of concerts on the top of the list, better initiatives should be delivered to their phones so that they may come to know the opportunities they can grab. me to know the opportunities they can grab.



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