A highly inflammatory news of a U.S. rabid pastor Jones torching a copy of Holy Quran reveals the under current of religious bigotry of a section of U.S pastors. It is forgotten that the Holy Quran contains the names of Jesus Christ, Moses and Abraham who are also prophets of Christians and Jews. In fact by desecrating the Holy Quran the pastor Jones has revealed the ugly face of U.S Christians that contain in their midst devilish persons. In fact pastor Jones is guilty of an international crime of desecrating all the religious books of Muslim, Christian and Jewish faith which are mentioned in the Holy Quran and every Muslim has to believe in them with the Holy Quran being the last of revealed books. In fact the Holy Quran is a living miracle revealed to the Holy Prophet while not a single verse has been recited or produced by anybody in the world to compete with the revealed Quranic verses. This is the oldest book in history of which not a single word has been changed which is a unique feature of the Holy Quran that is a blessing to entire humanity and the universe. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, March 22.