Few Institutions have been set up with as much positive publicity and high hopesas the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) whose stated aims at the time of its inceptions were 'to ensure healthy competition betweenPakistani companies for the benefit of the economy and to 'protect consumers from the anti-competitive practises'. For quite some time, CCP created lot of stir in the media with its crackdown on large corporate entities and trade association in sugar industry. It was talk of the town and there was a feeling in this 'land of the pure famous for its disillusionment with every institution that a change in the state of affairs of the country was in the offing. However this feeling did not last long as the campaign against mafias in the sugar, grain, cement industry petered down and as the price of a kilo of sugar skyrocketed to hitherto unimaginable heights. Slowly but firmly CCP disappeared from the public discourse. Whether or not CCP has been able to protect consumers is beside the point, but I being a citizen of this country and a tax-payer feel more anguished about the internal workings of the Competition Commission. Till to date, I have failed to see a single job position advertised by the CCP in the National Press. According to CCPwebsite (http://www.cc.gov.pk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=77), CCPs Human Resources consists of 45 executives (10 have been hired in last 5 months alone) ranging from the Chairperson to that of the Junior Executive Officer. Their list can be viewed on the CCP Website (http://www.cc.gov.pk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=77) CCP is a public organization created by an Act of Parliament. All other corporations created by an Act of Parliament advertise job opening in national press. What is even more galling is that there is no 'Careers Section' on the CCP website at all, which is a standard practice today in the corporate world. Therefore one does not know as to how to apply for a job in CCP or view the list of 'Current Vacancies'. Of the 45 executives, Career details of only the top 7 executives are provided. This lack of a 'Career Section on the website and the not advertising of any job position raise serious questions about the hiring policy. The people of Pakistan and the citizens of Pakistan have a right to know whether the 45 positions were properly advertised or as is the Pakistani practicefilled on 'reference.' If the latter mode was used, then it reflects very badly on an organization that seeks to discourage corrupt practices and promote transparency. What is however well known andauthentic is that the CCP Executives have been hired on very lavish salaries. Young 30 year old lads from second-line local business schools have been hired at Joint Director Level positionswithout any advertisement in the press atfat 6 figure salaries, lavish medical and travelling perks. The masses are groaning under severe inflation brought about by business cartels which CCP has failed to check, but its Executives are having a jolly good time. In order to defend its reputation, CCP must make clear the status of the inquiry being done against its corrupt officials. Is it complete or still going on? If its complete, the names of the corrupt officials have to be made public along with the details of the punishments meted out to them and details of their financial crimes. CCP belongs to government of Pakistan and therefore to the public. Therefore it must make its position clear on the above anomalies. Alternatively the Government of Pakistan should take up the issue of the corruption investigation, mode of appointments and lavish salaries and perks of CCP Executives with CCP itself. RIAZ SHAHID, Lahore, March 22.