Mine and bomb attacks targeting police in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday killed one person and wounded 11, including nine officers, police said. In the first attack a donkey cart went over a mine buried by the roadside on the outskirts of Peshawar, police said. Both the donkey cart owner and donkey were killed. Basically the mine was planted to target police, Kalam Khan, a senior police official told a foreign news agency. In the second incident a remote control bomb hit a police patrol pick-up, injuring 11, in the village of Darsamand, in Hangu district. Nine policemen and two passers-by were wounded in this bomb blast. Taliban militants are responsible for this attack, Abdur Rashid Khan, district police chief told a foreign news agency by telephone. Hangu lies 150 kilometres south of Peshawar and has a history of sectarian clashes between Pakistans majority Sunni Muslims and minority Shias.