LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry in the detailed judgment on four petitions relating to Raymond Davis murder issue, held that no petitioner raised any question relating to the determination of diplomatic immunity of Raymond thus the court was not supposed to decide this question. The Court on March 14 had disposed of the petitions moved against Raymond from different aspects by Barrister Javed Iqbal Jafree, Maqsood Gujjar, Muhammad Azhar Siddique and Ghazi Ilmuddin. The trial court on March 16 had acquitted Raymond in the double murder case against the payment of diyat to the victim families of Faizan and Fahim. In the detailed judgment, the CJ justified the disposal of the petitions referring to the whole proceedings and the replies of the Federal and Punjab government to the matter. Now in the detailed order, quoting the relief sought by petitioners, the Chief Justice noted that, in brief the petitions sought that a judicial inquiry may be conducted into the matter regarding the murders of two Pakistani citizens at the hands of an American, namely Raymond Davis as there is an apprehension that he will be extended the immunity available to a diplomat of a country due to which there were chances of his release, so until and unless the inquiry is completed the concerned authorities be directed not to release him from the jail and his name be placed on the Exit Control List. In another petition, the court order noted, it was prayed that Raymonds real name is not known to anybody and that he got Pakistani visa fraudulently and by impersonation and that all the documents and other incriminating material recovered from his possession be ordered to be produced in the court by directing the Federal govt in this regard. Another plea was that direction be issued to Federal government not to interfere with the investigation of the criminal cases registered against the US national and till conclusion of the trial of the cases against him, he be not shifted to any other place beyond the jurisdiction of this court . The Chief Justice held that accordingly replies on the identical petitions were called from the Federal govt through which Deputy Attorney General (DAG) told the court that the real name of the accused was Raymond Allen Davis and he was employee of the US Embassy and had come to Pakistan on business visa. Answering the question whether the accused enjoyed any diplomatic status or not, the DAG referred to LHC order dated 01/02/2011 which said: 'the court has already taken cognizance into the matter, the investigation into the above noted criminal case is going on and if any matter of immunity arises in future that can be determined by the courts of law. The court held that similar answer came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Punjab government linking everything to the trial court proceedings and the petitions are disposed of accordingly.