The World Water Day observed around the globe yesterday should propel us into action to save this life-sustaining element. It is a pity that there is not much awareness around of preventing wastage of water. Besides, on the leadership level, we have not shown maturity to make arrangements for its preservation. Like many parts of the world, water is a scarce commodity in our country also. There is no dearth of areas where people do not have access to even a glass of safe drinking water. On the other hand, in our urban centres, peoples careless attitude towards the use of tap water both for domestic and commercial purposes is simply dreadful. This must change, as it is a major cause of shortage in less developed areas. There is also desperate need for installing recycling plants, which are now being increasingly used around the world. At the same time, despite repeated calls by experts, we have ignored the vital project of Kalabagh Dam, rightly considered to be the lifeline of the country. Kalabagh is the most suitable site for storage of a large quantity of water that can be used for electricity generation, agricultural production, human consumption, etc. The apathy that our leaders have shown towards its construction is a sad reflection on the importance we attach to conserving water. Our rivers flow into the sea but the surplus water, after meeting the need to check intrusion of sea and prevent salinity alongside coastal areas, could be saved. And there would be plenty of it left to fill the KBD storage and others. Wisdom also lies in preventing India from pursuing a deadly policy of turning Pakistan into a vast desert by diverting our share of rivers that has already started to affect our agriculture and economy. Under the circumstances, we as a nation ought to realise waters importance by making no further delay in constructing Kalabagh Dam.