ISLAMABAD (APP) - WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has said that Indian leaders are trying to mislead the public by challenging the authenticity of US diplomatic cables suggesting some MPs were bribed during a 2008 parliament trust vote. It is not correct to say that all these cables are mere opinions by US diplomats, that is not true, Assange told NDTV in an interview. These are official correspondence sent by ambassadors, sent in their official capacity... They report what they say are facts, and they also present opinions. Its important to keep these two different, he said. In the case of the Indian cable which is causing such a furore about bribery, it is very hard to understand why any US embassy official would lie to Washington. The comment I have been hearing from Prime Minister (Manmohan) Singh, these, to me, seem like a deliberate attempt to mislead the public by suggesting that governments around the world do not accept the material and it is not verified... absolutely false There is no doubt these are bonafide reports sent by American ambassador to Washington and these should be seen in that context, he said.