FEROZEWALA A judge was accused of injuring a lawyer with a paperweight during the proceedings of a case while court staffers beat up two other lawyers, who intervened to end up the scuffle, in the courtroom on Tuesday. Lawyer Ali Naqvi appeared before the court of Civil Judge Ahmad Saeed Sheikh for a civil suit. During arguments the judge and the lawyer exchanged in harsh words that led to a brawl as the judge pelted the lawyer with paperweight, inuring him. Two other lawyers, present in the court, interfered in bid to rescue their colleague but the judge, fearing an attack by the two lawyers, allegedly ordered his staffers to shut the court room and beat up the lawyers. After torturing the three lawyers, the judge and his staffers fled the court as police escorted them. The injured lawyer was taken to the DHQ hospital. The lawyers got medical certificate to get the case registered against the judge. But no case was registered till the filing of this news. As soon as the legal fraternity in Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Ferozewala and Sangla Hill came to know about the incident, they boycotted the court and held meetings in their respective bar rooms to denounce the torture of their colleague by the judge. During the meeting, they adopted a unanimous resolution, demanding Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to sack the judge as, according to the lawyers, the judge was mentally ill.