LONDON (AFP) - Kate Middleton will travel to her wedding in a Rolls Royce limousine that was damaged when student protesters attacked Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in December, royal officials said. Staff are repairing the claret-coloured 1977 Phantom VI after it was spattered with white paint and had a rear window badly cracked by rioters opposed to government plans to raise university fees. Its not extensive, its just minor damage following the incident before Christmas, it will be ready in time, said Colonel Toby Browne, who runs the Royal Mews which looks after royal horses, vehicles and drivers. Kate is marrying Prince William Prince Charles son and the second-in-line to the throne in Londons Westminster Abbey on April 29 in Britains biggest royal wedding for 30 years. Browne added: One of the problems (is) its such a special car there are details that have to be reproduced and are not available off the shelf. The claret paint is specific to (all royal) cars and certain bits of glass had to be made, but its really a minor detail you wont notice. Charles and Camilla, his second wife, were unhurt in the assault on the car on December 9, which prompted a high-level security review. Meanwhile many royal watchers may be hoping for rain at the wedding and the appearance of a famed horse-drawn bridal carriage used by Williams mother Diana. The Glass Coach, which carried Diana to her 1981 wedding to Charles in St Pauls Cathedral, will only be used in the event of wet weather for the couples journey from the abbey to Buckingham Palace. If conditions are fair an open-topped gold 1902 State Landau coach will be used instead. It was used to carry Charles to the wedding 30 years ago and then to take the newlywed couple back to Buckingham Palace.