KARACHI - Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) President Muhammad Saeed Shafiq has expressed dissatisfaction over proposed 2 weekly holidays and said that Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular was facing unrest and in the wake of persistent strikes, protest rallies and shutter downs, the trading and industrial circles were facing severe distress along with a losses of revenue worth billions of rupees to national exchequer. Saeed Shafiq, in a statement on Tuesday, articulated that two-weekly holidays in the country were not viable. He was of the view that permanent solutions should be taken to control energy crisis and 2-weekly holidays to conserve energy was not the appropriate move. He stated that banks must be excluded from observing two-holidays to smoothly run the economic affairs so that all segments of the society might not suffer. He urged the Government to consult with the stakeholders before implementing the decision.