ISLAMABAD - Commenting on President Asif Ali Zardaris speech, MQM senior leader Dr Farooq Sattar has said that now there was time that actions should speak louder than words as mere lip service would not work in future. We hope that Presidents promise made with the masses in his address will be fulfilled and the government will take a proper action against criminals, he said while talking to newsmen, outside the Parliament House. Sattar said that the President should fulfil his promise, which he had made in his address with the nation to take action against criminals in Karachi to restore peace. To a question, he said that these promises had been made with MQM time and again but remained unsuccessful. MQM did not participate in lunch of the PM and also did not attend parliamentary meeting of the coalition partners, he responded. Earlier promises were made with MQM about restoring peace in Karachi, he said, now in the address the President had promised with the nation to restore peace in Karachi and take action against criminals. We expect these promise would be fulfilled, he added. Talking to The Nation, another senior party leader Senator Tahir Mashhadi said that masses were expecting any things for their favor, which was not reflected from the Presidents speech. Mashhadi also prayed that the incumbent government would pay proper attention towards the miseries of people. He said that the President should have fulfilled his promises, which he made with MQM regarding Karachi situation and other matters. As a coalition partner we have a right to speak for our rights, he added.