ISLAMABAD - Reacting to the speech of President Zardari in joint session of the Parliament, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that the President addressed the Joint Session in a language alien to the people of Pakistan. May be the President was addressing his masters on whose crutches he continues to remain in power, Imran added in a press statement issued on Tuesday from PTI Central Secretariat. Imran said on one hand the people are desperate for a change in the policy on war on terror which has destroyed the internal security and national economy, but on the other hand the President announced that the war on terror would last for an indefinite period, in effect forecasting further deaths and destruction to the people. The PTI chief said that at a time when national honour was put to shame by the PPP and PML-N govts in the way Davis was freed, the President was advocating a continuing slave-master relationship with the US.