LAHORE - The two-round Pakistan Day Coca Cola Golf Tournament commenced at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course and at the end of the first day, the events for boys, ladies, seniors above 55 years of age and veterans above 70 years of age came to a conclusion. As for the men amateurs, the champions will contest On Tuesday with tee off scheduled for early morning 8:30 am start through a shot gun tee off and a total of 92 leading amateurs vying for honours in this Coke-endorsed contest of golfing skills. During the first-day competition, notable thing was some tremendous hitting by the boys below 15 years age and youngsters like Noyyan Nayyar, Taha Zaka, Isfandyar Khan and Rahim Burki. Isfandyar and Rahim Burki. They are allocating time to golf and intend to reach the higher levels. Isfandyar stated that he was grateful to Coke and Gymkhana for having provided an opportunity to compete under tough conditions. Amongst the ladies Kara Alam showed all round excellence and succeeded in winning the first net. Other victorious ones in ladies section were Maimoona Azam second net, Naureen Malik first gross and Sameea Javed Ali second gross.