LAHORE Robbers shot at and injured an employee of a local money-exchange company and fled away after snatching national and foreign currency worth Rs 10.65 million in broad daylight here at Main Boulevard Gulberg on Tuesday, police sources and eyewitnesses said. The local traders alleged that several policemen were on-guard in the area when the daylight robbery took place but none of them tried to chase the robbers. According to the police sources, Muhammad Younis, employee of a local moneychanger company, was coming back after withdrawing national and foreign currency worth Rs 10.65m from the Bank Al-Falah branch situated near Pace Plaza when two motorcyclists intercepted him at main Boulevard Gulberg. The robbers held him up at gunpoint and demanded the cash. As Younis offered resistance, they opened fire on him and fled away after snatching the cash bag. The injured was rushed to a local hospital, where his condition was reported to be out of danger.