The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh recently extended his shaky hand of friendship to Pakistan though like always this one too had conditions attached. Although such overtures do create a hype internationally but not for long because lacking in sincerity, the talks fail to perform and end up in futility. This happens time and again since the existing status-quo regarding the contentious disputes is in Indias interest and, therefore, whenever Pakistan espouses a purposeful dialogue, there is invariably Indias negative response on one pretext or the other. Resultantly, the gulf between the two states widened even more, resulting in greater distrust and dismay. Obviously, the Indian PMs overture is a sheer hoax to hoodwink the international community at a time when India is craving for permanent membership of the Security Council and needs a cover to protect its nefarious activities on Pakistans soil. Quite evidently, so long as the impasse continues, any hope of improvement in Indo-Pak relations will remain a distant mirage. Its imperative, therefore, that India adopts quickly the following policy decisions, among others:- a) Recognizes un-reservedly that Pakistan is an Independent and sovereign state. b) Abandons the ludicrous myth that Kashmir is its 'atoot-ang and readily agrees to the resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the Security Council resolutions. c) Abstains from blaming Pakistan whenever it faces disasters although they are mostly indigenously rooted. d) Avoids policies that destabilize Pakistan in complicity with the US and Israel. e) Acquiesces to the resolutions of at least some core disputes at the earliest. It will help to resolve the other core disputes too in the foreseeable future. Its high time now that you Mr. Singh begin to sing songs of peace and prosperity for the people of both the countries and not just holy hymns to appease your 'masters. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, March 22.