LAHORE (PR) The United Nation Organisation was established to keep peace in the world but unfortunately its efficiency is very poor in some burning issues. It will have to improve its role otherwise a horrible war between the two atomic powers will destroy the peace of world, says a press release issued here by Sind Tas Water Council Pakistan. From the very beginning Pakistan suffered badly in the field of cultivation due to the stoppage of Pakistani canals by India. In 1960 through the Indus Water Treaty Pact, the rights of three Eastern rivers Ravi, Satluj and Beas went to India. On the other hand, the three Western rivers Indus, Jhelum and Chenab rights were given to Pakistan with some local utilities of Kashmir. Under the treaty, India cannot control waters of these three rivers nor can it store water by building huge reservoirs. But India is continuously destroying green valleys of Pakistan by the storage of water on these rivers. Due to Indian terrorism on Pakistani waters, the situation is too bitter as the neighbouring country wants to barren our green valleys. The United Nation and world powers should take immediate steps for the peace and justice of the world.