LAHORE The victim families in Raymond Davis case yearn to come back to their homes in provincial capital but they are extremely scared of the pressure groups and the annoyed people, sources close to the victim families said. They said the families were at safe place and wanted to settle at their homes in Shahdara area but they were feeling insecure even after the provincial government and locals leaders had assured them sufficient security arrangements if they returned back. Sources close to the bereaved families further said the families signed the mutual agreement after they were realised that the Raymond Davis would be released in one way or the other. They further said the in-laws of the victim girl (Zehra) were pressurising her as they themselves wanted to pursue the case but the girl took stand refusing to compromise in very start. Sources said minutes after the judge Yusuf Aoujla issued orders of Raymond release in the New Kot Lakhpat Jail the families were shifted to what the family sources claimed a safe place owing to security reasons. The 18-member families are residing at a far flung area from the provincial capital but they are wishing to come back now, they added. According to the sources, the chief victim Zehra has contacted a few leaders and expressed her feelings saying she and other members of the two families were sacred of the public sentiments and a few pressure groups. Zehra said she was unable of sharing about the circumstances, which compelled her family members to sign the agreement. My family wishes to come back to our home, sources said quoting her statement.