WASHINGTON (AFP) - A song by a California teenager that has been mercilessly panned by music critics has topped 30 million views on YouTube and rocketed up Apples iTunes charts. Friday, sung by 13-year-old Rebecca Black, was uploaded to YouTube last month by Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles-based company that was hired by the girls parents to produce the song for their daughter. Its Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybodys looking forward to the weekend, the chorus goes. Partying, partying, partying. Fun, fun, fun, fun. Looking forward to the weekend. The video attracted scant attention until a popular comedian linked to it on his blog 10 days ago saying Songwriting Isnt for Everyone. As the tune began to attract attention on YouTube, a Yahoo music blog called it a mind-meltingly horrific song and asked readers Is YouTube Sensation Rebecca Blacks 'Friday The Worst Song Ever? Time magazine described Friday as a train wreck and the video as hilariously dreadful. The poor reviews only fueled more interest in the video and it has become a viral hit, racking up millions of YouTube views, spawning a slew of parodies on the video-sharing site and making Black an Internet sensation. A total of around 17,000 YouTube viewers have hit the like button on YouTube for the song while the vast majority 133,100 have gone for dislike.