12 couples tie knot in mass marriage ceremony

wah cantt  - As many as 12 couples, including one Christian, belonging to under privileged class of society tied the knot during mass marriage ceremony organised by the Minhaj Welfare Foundation Taxila chapter on Sunday.
It is the fifth consecutive mass marriage ceremony organised by the PAT and so far 53 couples tied knot under the arrangements made by the organisation. On this occasion, every bride was gifted a household stuff of over Rs100,000, which consisted of various items such as the copy of the Holy Quran, prayer mat, cupboard, double-sized bed, chairs, table, brief case, sewing machine, washing machine, fan, iron, clock, utensils, dinner set, tea set, mattress, blankets, pillows, carpet, water set, make-up items and other necessities of life.
The chief guest of the collective marriage ceremony was Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri, Head of PAT Supreme Council. In his speech on the occasion, he underlined the need for promoting philanthropy in the society. He said that at a time when challenges of poverty, inequality, unemployment and backwardness are grim realities of our times, it is the individual and collective responsibility of those who can afford to come forward and try to mitigate sufferings of the poor people.
He said that MWF’s flagship initiatives such as ‘Aagosh’, and educational projects have become success stories. He said that the PAT and MQI have worked hard on promoting brotherhood and equality in the society and now MWF is serving the suffering humanity around the world under the leadership of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. President of Supreme Council further said that people’s relationship with state and democracy has weakened due to corrupt and accidental leadership. He vowed to go to any limit to strengthen this bond, saying we will not hesitate from offering any sacrifice for this lofty ideal. He said, “We are struggling to bequeath prosperous and developed Pakistan to succeeding generations.” He said that what to speak of putting a price tag on Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, no one can even buy his workers trained by him intellectually, spiritually and morally.
He said that journey of revolution continues and will stop only after getting its destination of change in the system. He said that his struggle to replace hatred by love is what distinguishes him in the world. He said that around 900 couples all over Pakistan so far tie knot during mass marriages under the PAT arrangements.

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